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“Is there help for me?”– Rat Infestation in L.A.

Posted by animalcontrol on December 15, 2008

urats-in-bucketThat’s the question I sent Lance, an independent animal control technician in L.A., out to answer.  The question came from a woman with a rat infestation problem in Los Angeles, California.  Lance reported that he found the service address easily; an older home in an urban part of the city.  The woman of the house (I’ll call her May) met him on the porch and told him that she was slowly but surely being crowded out of her house by roof rats.


Lance did a quick inspection of the property and found that, indeed, the rats had pretty much taken over.  There were hundreds of them, and in every part of the house.  This poor woman was living in intolerable, unsanitary, and very dangerous conditions.


May went on to explain that she is a vegetarian animal lover, and she simply did not know how to handle the encroachment.  She still did not wish to kill the animals, but she was no longer able to tolerate their presence. She also indicated that she had several pets and so there was ample food and water available for the wild rats.


Lance could easily see that May’s house, being old and not wonderfully maintained, had many available entrances (which the rats apparently saw no reason to employ as exits!)  He outlined a plan with May to remove the roof rats from her house, and then to make modifications to the structure by way of sealing off all those access points.  He echoed May’s concern that the rodents’ gnawing would cause electrical damage and burn the place down.  He also made a plan to clean up the mess.


To make a long story short, Lance ultimately was successful at removing all the wild rats (he lost count after 30) and was able to seal up May’s home.  He got the house cleaned up, including the attic which was a total disaster of rat crap and nests.  Much of the insulation will have to be replaced, but at last May’s home is safe, sanitary, and rat free.








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