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Attic Raccoon Control in Denver

Posted by animalcontrol on December 19, 2008

This guy probably just wanted to come in and warm up.

This guy probably just wanted to come in and warm up.

Here’s a letter I received from a couple in Denver, Colorado: 

Dear United Wildlife, 

We had a raccoon in our attic. We placed a live trap up there for two months and did not catch it. We put a radio in the attic to annoy it. We left the hole opened up hoping it would leave. We covered the hole hoping it would get hungry and get in the live trap. Nothing worked. To make matters worse, our house was for sale and we needed to really get rid of the raccoon fast.

We want you to know that when the technician you referred us to arrived, he answered all our questions about raccoon control.  He explained that this animal may have been caught before in a live trap and released, and was therefore trap shy.  He explained that when such rodents inhabit homes they hear music all the time, and that noise will not get rid of them. 

 He did an evaluation of the problem and determined the best location for a trap which, to our surprise, was not in the attic.  He knew exactly what to do and answered all our questions.

 Of course you know that people do not want to buy houses with animal problems.  Within 2 days of his initial visit, the wildlife control operator had the raccoon removed, the attic cleaned up and disinfected, and the access points sealed off.  We were able to sell our house 2 weeks later.  We want you to know that we appreciate and are very satisfied with the service, professionalism and courtesy we received from your company’s representative.


Luke and Tabitha H.



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