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    Squirrels enter human homes looking for shelter, food, warmth, and a nice place to raise their young. They are not usually aggressive and do not enter homes looking to attack people. They just want free rent! It is possible for squirrels to carry rabies and other diseases, but that is not often the case. Most rabies cases come from bats. If you or someone you love has a squirrel problem, click here.
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Bat Removal-Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted by animalcontrol on December 19, 2008

Wonderful creatures, but you don't want them as roommates.

Wonderful creatures, but you don't want them as roommates.


Even in Salt Lake City, in Utah’s desert, people have bats.  Bad advice on what to do about them is numerous and easy to come by.  I was recently called to an older brick home in a beautiful historic neighborhood.  The Johnsons knew they had a problem because they had found droppings and noticed the distinctive smell (similar to a gerbil crossed with a sweaty locker room).  They called the local exterminator and were told “you really can’t get rid of bats.”  They became frantic, knowing that living with these animals was dangerous to their physical (and mental) health and was damaging their home.  


The truth is, you CAN get rid of them, but bat removal is a multi-step process that requires expertise and training.  Each case is different.  In this house, the animals had not yet penetrated the interior of the home, but were in and under the eaves and brick ledges.  We were able to get rid of the animals and then clean up the guano, urine and odor within a few days.  By blocking the numerous access holes that were available in the eaves where the brick face met the frame roof, we denied them entrance to their roosts and they moved on to a new home.


The owners contacted their insurance company, who was able to help out with the cost of removing the animals and the clean up and repair associated with it.  The Johnsons are sleeping much better at night knowing that their bat removal was done completely and professionally.  They still use the exterminator for spiders, but now know that calling a nuisance animal specialist is the way to handle wildlife removal.  


Call me for help with your wildlife problem at 1-888-488-1415. 


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