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Hidden Opossum Feces in Houston, Texas

Posted by animalcontrol on January 2, 2009

This is a nice letter of appreciation that one of our network trappers received from a woman in Houston.



Thank you so much for getting rid of the opossum under my sink and removing the feces from the kitchen cabinets.  I have heard and seen animals around my property before– you know, the occasional skunk wandering through– but I was so surprised to open the door beneath my sink and, Hello!, a baby opossum.  I knew they lived in Texas, but I never expected to find one in my kitchen cabinet. 


I could tell right away that it was a baby, so I figured that it wasn’t alone.  The mother had to be somewhere nearby.  I did not feel safe handling wild animals, especially a mother who might feel threatened, so I decided to call in an animal control professional.  I called United Wildlife Control, who referred me to you.


Your wildlife control technician, Sheldon, came the next day and got right to work.  The mother and babies were quickly captured and removed from my home.  I was impressed with Sheldon’s professional manner and his ability to answer all my questions.  He obviously has a lot of experience in this field.


What really surprised me about this whole thing was the smell.  The animals had obviously been there longer than I knew because when Sheldon removed all the kitchen drawers (which I didn’t know to do) there were opossum feces everywhere.  I was shocked!!!  It looked and smelled like dog poop, and Sheldon told me that it often contains salmonella bacteria.


I thought we would never be rid of the odors, the bacteria, and the mess, but your technician cleaned it all up quickly and my home is fresh, clean and possum free.  Thanks again, Kathy S. Houston, TX


To learn more about professional animal removal services, visit this site: http://unitedwildlife.com/AnimalsOpossums.html

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