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    Squirrels enter human homes looking for shelter, food, warmth, and a nice place to raise their young. They are not usually aggressive and do not enter homes looking to attack people. They just want free rent! It is possible for squirrels to carry rabies and other diseases, but that is not often the case. Most rabies cases come from bats. If you or someone you love has a squirrel problem, click here.
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Sacramento, California Bat Removal

Posted by animalcontrol on January 8, 2009


Bat droppings at Mike's house in Sacramento.

Bat droppings at Mike's house in Sacramento. If you look closely, you can see that the droppings extend down the other side of the ridgeline, too. This is only a fraction on the mess that my technician found at Mike's house.

From Mike T. in Sacramento, California:


“I live in a 2 story brick home in Sacramento, and I have discovered that we have bats. I do not think they are in the attic, but seem to be living on a shelf just under the eaves on the brick.  There are droppings all over the place and the house is starting to smell bad.  I contacted a local exterminator and he said you can’t really get rid of bats. The neighbors are starting to complain.  I can’t live like this.  Can you help?“


Yes, Mike, we can help.  You have come to the right place.  Using the digital pictures you sent I can see that you do have a fairly serious bat problem.  Your brick is stained and piles of guano (droppings) are accumulating against the foundation in several places.  Here is what we will do.  I will refer you to a professional wildlife removal operator in your area who will completely inspect the interior and exterior of the home to make sure the animals are isolated to the outside of the home. I hope none are in your attic, but they can fit through very small gaps and you may find that some have made their way inside.  The most likely places are where the vents meet brick.  If the seals have failed or the screening is damaged, you probably have some inside your house, too.


Since you report a strong smell inside as well as outside, I expect we will find at least a small colony in your attic. If that is the case, the technician will use special equipment (one way vents, screening, etc.) to get them out.  Then he will seal everything off and clean up the mess. 


The exterior bats are a different matter.  Bats are attracted to places that smell of bats.  It will be necessary to clean up using special enzyme cleaners to break down the existing biological material and neutralize it.  Do not attempt to clean up guano, urine or other remains yourself without special respirators, gloves and suits.  Breathing the dust that comes off of guano is very hazardous. Professional cleanup not only removes the smell that attracts the animals, it removes the smell that repels you and your neighbors.


Exterior maintenance and modification will make the current roosting sites unattractive to bats.  Again, we have special materials and techniques that help.  We also have a three-part repellent that we have developed to deter them from returning to roosts.  We have not found a repellent on the general market that really works; that is why we developed our own.  It is non-toxic to humans and pets and will not endanger your family. 


We do not exterminate these animals.  It is illegal, as well as environmentally unsound, but we can refer you to a local technician who can get rid of them and give you back your home.


I am glad you contacted me, Mike, and are serious about taking steps towards bat removal.  If you like, you can learn more about my professional animal removal services by visiting this site: http://unitedwildlife.com/AnimalsBats.html


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