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    Squirrels enter human homes looking for shelter, food, warmth, and a nice place to raise their young. They are not usually aggressive and do not enter homes looking to attack people. They just want free rent! It is possible for squirrels to carry rabies and other diseases, but that is not often the case. Most rabies cases come from bats. If you or someone you love has a squirrel problem, click here.
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Man encroaching on nature?

Posted by animalcontrol on February 16, 2009

Thanks to Tundra Comics for this great cartoon!

The comic strip is funny because it is an exaggeration, but it actually makes a good point.  Working in wildlife removal everyday as I do, I often see animals adapting very well to human environments.  Raccoons go into chimneys because in a way chimneys resemble burned out, hollow trees.  Mud swallows build their nests on stucco and siding just as well as they do on cliffs, and skunks are as happy to eat out of garbage cans as they are to hunt and kill their own food.  Happier, maybe, because the food source is reliable!

I love my job as a wildlife removal operator.  I enjoy animals, and I do my best to treat them with respect as God’s creatures.  I also get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people with wildlife animal control problems and restoring each person to the peace and comfort of a home or business unshared with wild animals.

If the dude in the comic strip were real, I like to think that I could resolve his conflict with the beaver dam in the swimming pool.  Call me, swimming pool dude!  1-888-488-1415.

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