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Raccoons in Utah: Invasive, not Native

Posted by animalcontrol on February 17, 2009

Raccoons can be humanely trapped by a professional wildlife removal operator.

Raccoons can be humanely trapped by a professional wildlife removal operator.

Nationwide call: 1-888-488-1415

You might not have guessed it by all the dead raccoons on the shoulder of Legacy Highway, but raccoons were never meant to be in Utah. Yes, that’s right!  All those raccoons that were caught unawares when the new highway opened are members of an invasive species that has only been in Utah a relatively short period of time.  It doesn’t take long for a small, transplant population to become so prevalent and numerous that people think they were always around.  Raccoon removal, usually by trapping raccoons, is necessary and important for the ecological health of Utah.

In recent years, raccoon numbers have steadily increased all across the United States.  The animals have adapted well to suburban and urban living and have reached numbers too large for the environment to support, especially an environment that was never meant to support them at all.

Dangerous encounters between people and raccoons become more and more common, and it is important that people know the truth.  These animals do not belong in Utah.  Their numbers grow because there is a favorable environment, few predators, lots of human-supplied food and few hunters and trappers.

People try to help animals and think they are cute, but one of the most common causes of death in wild raccoons is malnutrition because people feed or accidently provide (garbage cans) them food that is not good for them.  They compete more and more actively with pets, other pest animals and other raccoons for what food there is and fight and die painful, ugly deaths over food and territory.

When the animals are in a place they don’t belong, like your yard, do not feel guilty about hiring a professional to get rid of them.  Trapping raccoons is best for the safety of people and is also better for animals; it improves the chances for native species to survive by reducing overcrowding that leads to malnutrition and disease. 

Next time you suspect a raccoon on your property, call a professional animal removal service.  I recommend United Wildlife Control.  I have seen their work and know that you can trust them to trap and get rid of pest animals, to the benefit of everyone.  If you want more information on wild animal removal and the services offered by United Wildlife, or for a referral to a wildlife control operator in your area, visit this site:



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