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Los Angeles Raccoon Problem

Posted by animalcontrol on February 27, 2009

With the 8 raccoons trapped and gone, the kids and the dog can enjoy the yard again.

With the 8 raccoons trapped and gone, the kids and the dog can enjoy the yard again.

Nationwide call: 1-888-488-1415

Guest commentary:

I am so sick of people becoming so sentimental about animals that they forget that people and property matter, too.  Have you ever tried to get Los Angeles City to help you with a raccoon problem?  Well, don’t bother.  On their website it states: “It is not the intention of the Department of Animal Services to remove wildlife from residential areas.” Boy do they mean it.  My dog was nearly killed by a gang of raccoons, and they would do nothing.  “We believe that people and wildlife can coexist,” they said.

Well, I am sick of trying to coexist!  My dog nearly died.  My kids can’t play outside.  There are raccoon droppings everywhere and they are full of who-knows-what-all diseases. I decided that it was time to get my life back!

I did my research and asked around and learned that, while the city is useless, there are people who can help.  They are wildlife control technicians.  These guys are licensed and trained in removal of pest animals.  One company really stood out in the crowd:  United Wildlife Control.  I called them and they referred me to a local guy, Travis, who really knew his stuff.  He had traps and he knew how to use them.  In all, over the course of two weeks, he trapped 8 raccoons in my yard.  I am so relieved that they are gone.  Things are quiet at night.  My kids are happy.  My wife is happy.  The dog is REALLY happy.

If you have trouble with raccoons, don’t bother calling the city.  They will give you the same run-around bull they gave me.  Call United Wildlife Control 1-888-488-1415.  They will help.  They will refer you to someone in your area who can solve your wild animal problem.  Get more information on their  professional animal removal services at: http://www.UnitedWildlife.com

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