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Raccoon Removal Necessary for Maryland Population Explosion

Posted by animalcontrol on April 6, 2009

baby raccoons

Baby raccoons learn from their mothers how to scavenge for food in garbage cans and from pet dishes.

Spring is here!  And spring means baby animals!  All over Maryland baby animals are making their appearance in the world.  Of course, what is all new and fun for the baby animals is usually a lot of work for their mothers, who now have hungry mouths to feed. In their search for food, they use natural sources like fruits or vegetation, but they also become scavengers. 

Some animals, such as raccoons, have adapted very well to human environments.  Many of the calls we receive here at United Wildlife Control are from property owners who have a sudden increase in trashcan raids by animals in the spring, as mother animals feed and teach their babies how to scavenge for food. 

Raccoons thrive in the small wooded areas that are common around Maryland suburbs.  They live in trees but make nightly visits to back yards, garages and alleys for trash, pet foods and other human-provided food sources.  As soon as the babies can move about on their own, the mothers will bring them along, teaching good foraging skills.  Unfortunately, these fast food runs lead to problems. 

For Nationwide Raccoon Removal Services call 1-888-488-1415.

Property owners may try to control raccoons by applying repellents or strapping down can lids.  These methods are generally ineffective.  The repellents simply don’t work very well, and the animals are very clever at removing straps and lids. 

Raccoon babies may be cornered by domestic animals, such as dogs, and killed.  The mothers may become involved in such fights and kill or injure the dogs.  Trash cans are dumped, making a big mess.  Other animals, such as rats, may be attracted to the mess and create a secondary infestation.  Children may find sick or hurt animals and get bitten or become sick themselves.  Raiding animals leave behind feces that contaminate play and recreation areas.  

Even if the animals aren’t living in your attic or on your property, you need to get rid of raccoons that consistently encroach on your property, for your safety, the safety of children and pets and the best interest of the raccoons. 

Wild animal control operators are specialized technicians that perform raccoon removal from private property.  They trap and take them away according to state and local regulations.  The animals are relocated if possible, or euthanized if necessary, particularly if sick or injured or if required by law.  To find a specialist in your area call United Wildlife Control and get the professional help you need to get rid of raccoons on your property.

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