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Pigeon Problems in Salt Lake City, UT

Posted by animalcontrol on April 30, 2009

pigeon crap

Pigeon droppings accumulate quickly. A person could easily spend the rest of his life continually cleaning up after them. A professional trapper will get rid of them.

You should know right away that I hate pigeons.  Oh, I know that they are God’s own creation and probably play some important environmental role and all that, but when all is said and done, I hate them! 

Why do I hate them?  Well, I never really liked them because they are noisy, pushy, dirty creatures that remind me strongly of some people I have known.  But, it didn’t really turn to hate until the birds took over my building in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Each day as I walk out of my building, I have to dodge pigeon poop.  There are two nests just above the front stoop of the building.  The building hires a service to come twice a week to clean the mess off the stoop, but there is always a number of slimy messes to step around.  And it isn’t just poop.  There are feathers, bits of food, egg shells and bugs. When you look down and see what is on the steps, you are tempted to look up to see if a bird is taking aim, but then the mess just might end up on your face, and that would be too much. 

All those eggshells mean more birds soon and I don’t want the ones that are there already let alone any more of them. 

The building had the exterminator install spikes on the ledge that were supposed to solve the pigeon problems by driving them away.  It didn’t work.  The dumb birds roost there anyway and just work around the spikes.  I guess the job must not have been done correctly, because those things are supposed to work.  

The final straw is that I need to sell my place, and who, especially in today’s market, is going to take a second look, when their first look is the rear end results of a pigeon?

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