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Porcupine Mechanic in Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted by animalcontrol on May 19, 2009


Porcupine quills are dangerous, and so are their teeth.

Last year I had a porcupine eating my car.  Don’t laugh, it wasn’t funny at all.  I replaced the gas and brake lines on my car while battling the creature, and who knows what might have happened if I hadn’t got professional help.

Anyway, here is the story.  I went out one morning to get in my car and noticed a dark spot under the car.  I checked it out and found it was brake fluid.  “How did that happen?” I asked myself.  I took it to the shop and got new lines.  The mechanics didn’t say anything was particularly strange about it.

About a week later I got in the car, and smelled gas.  I got out and took a look under the car and the gas line was leaking!  Now, that was really strange.  I hadn’t been driving on rough terrain or anything and couldn’t figure out what had happened.  Again, to the shop.  This time I specifically asked them to look at the line and let me know what was going on. 

The mechanic came out sort of shaking his head and showed me the line.  “I don’t know what to tell you, but this thing looks CHEWED.”  I looked at the line myself.  Sure enough, it looked for all the world like tooth marks.  But, what would eat a gas line?  “Well, we did find this on the inside of your right front tire.”  He held out a grey and black pin—no, not a pin, a porcupine quill! 

You have got to be kidding.  A porcupine is eating my car?  I went home and started to research porcupines.  They chew on all kinds on things.  I hadn’t noticed the animal because they usually work at night.  I decided to try to catch the animal in the act.  I stayed up all night on Friday and sure enough, in the middle of the night a big pincushion came waddling across my yard and went towards the car again. I ran outside and started towards the animal and then thought better of it.  Did I really want to get in an argument with a porcupine? 

Monday, I called the Pennsylvania Game Commission and they basically told me that porcupine removal was my problem.  The local dog catcher just laughed.  I would have to figure out how to get rid of porcupines on my own.  I did some research online and found out about Wildlife Control Operators.  These companies specialize in removing pest wild animals from people’s lives. 

I called them.  They couldn’t tell me why the animal had chosen my car, but they did know what to do about it. They came out and were able to quickly get rid of the porcupine. My car and I are very happy to live our own peaceful lives again.

Nationwide Porcupine Removal: 1-888-488-1415


4 Responses to “Porcupine Mechanic in Salt Lake City, Utah”

  1. Kurt Amo said

    Hi, I have accidently found this blog whilst browsing on online as I’m researching some material on engine lifts!. It is an interesting website so I’ve bookmarked you and I will return soon to allow more time for a proper look when I can give it more time.

  2. Very interesting post

  3. SALLY MORRIS said

    I couldn’t believe this story, because I was looking for someway to get rid of a porcupine who is eating my rocker panel on my brand new Camry. This just happened last night, but it looks like an ear of corn where he/she was munching. I do not have a garage and do not know how to protect my car from this beast!I guess I will stay up day and night until I catch him. Would love to hear from someone who knows how to rid this creature.

  4. Buffy Anderson said

    My husband and I are camp hosts (37′ RV) at Maroon Bells in Aspen. We have been plaqued by hose/tire/anything rubber eating porcupines since May. We have chicken wire secured around the RV but the buggers are constantly trying to get through the barricade. We cornered a 35-45 lbs porky under the RV that was trapped due to the chicken wire. My husband and I in our underwear and toting a rather large BB gun in the middle of the night in 35 degree weather would have been humorous had it not be such a nightmare financially and painfully for our Borzoi puppy. Our 60 lb puppy rushed the porky and the pork immediately spun and started backing into our pup-dog being a dog persevered and received 10 quills right in his cute little nose. Strangely enough after being quilled it’s like an IV it doesn’t hurt until you rub or try to remove. I got about 5 out with much howling and gushing blood. I finally couldn’t take it and we bundled him off to the Vet to the tune of $150. Meanwhile we still had the pesky porky under the RV. He was so ladden with fat that the BBs at close range didn’t affect him. We finally managed to push him out by lifting the chicken wire and pushing with my husband’s expensive fishing pole-which finally snapped-$300! The next day there was an oil spill the size of a small pond under the RV. We are about 30 miles from the nearest gas station or repair station-so when we leave here it will be with lots of oil and fingers and toes crossed. We sleep about every other night as the porkies attack on a regular basis and sleeping is out of the question. We are searching for ‘wolf urine’ that apparently comes in some sort of bag that can be hung around the RV to ward off these varmits. Now how someone attains urine from a wolf is an interesting picture in itself. Do you follow a wolf around until it gets ready to lift it’s leg then jump on the other side of the bush with a pee cup? Or do you wrestle it to the ground and insert a catheter? One can only guess. Meanwhile we are waiting for the local rangers to find us some of this delectable elixir to alleviate our nightly nocturnal invaders. 
    BTW catching and relocating these critters is a waste of time. They can be lured into a trap with apples coated in salt (they love salt-we are from southern California coast, so our RV is like a tub of Ben & Jerry’s to them). Once caught they need to be taken more than 20 miles away and then they still may find their way back to your smorgasbord. So quite the dilemma I must say. Aspen is many things to many people but to us it has been one sharp quill of a money pit.

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