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  • Why do squirrels come to my house?

    Squirrels enter human homes looking for shelter, food, warmth, and a nice place to raise their young. They are not usually aggressive and do not enter homes looking to attack people. They just want free rent! It is possible for squirrels to carry rabies and other diseases, but that is not often the case. Most rabies cases come from bats. If you or someone you love has a squirrel problem, click here.
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About AnimalControl

I am a wildlife control professional with many years of experience.  I can tell you more about removing rats, bats, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, pigeons, etc., than you will ever want to know. 

I am proud to say that in my animal control career I have never encountered a wildlife problem that I was not able to solve.  Animals can be extremely unpredictable, but I have tools and techniques that work very, very well. I can show you how to get rid of whatever pest has taken up residence in your home or other property.  I can stop the digging, scratching, and mess with my professional and humane trapping services.

If you have animals in your home that are not supposed to be there, I can help.  I remove animals and prevent them from returning, plus I offer professional clean-up (which I strongly recommend). 

I offer a host of wildlife solutions.  Read all about it on my blog!


2 Responses to “About AnimalControl”

  1. Don Hartmann said

    We have a very strong dead animal odor in our (finished) basement, but have not been able to locate the varmint. (I suspect it is a rat between the walls.)
    What do you suggest for removing–or at least reducing–the odor?

  2. Don, would you please give me a call so we can discuss your problem. I have removed many dead animals from wall cavities. 1-888-488-1415

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