I get rid of those pesky animals that get in your house. Nationwide call: 1-888-488-1415

About AnimalControl

I am a wildlife control professional with many years of experience.  I can tell you more about removing rats, bats, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, pigeons, etc., than you will ever want to know. 

I am proud to say that in my animal control career I have never encountered a wildlife problem that I was not able to solve.  Animals can be extremely unpredictable, but I have tools and techniques that work very, very well. I can show you how to get rid of whatever pest has taken up residence in your home or other property.  I can stop the digging, scratching, and mess with my professional and humane trapping services.

If you have animals in your home that are not supposed to be there, I can help.  I remove animals and prevent them from returning, plus I offer professional clean-up (which I strongly recommend). 

I offer a host of wildlife solutions.  Read all about it on my blog!

2 Responses to “About AnimalControl”

  1. Don Hartmann said

    We have a very strong dead animal odor in our (finished) basement, but have not been able to locate the varmint. (I suspect it is a rat between the walls.)
    What do you suggest for removing–or at least reducing–the odor?

  2. Don, would you please give me a call so we can discuss your problem. I have removed many dead animals from wall cavities. 1-888-488-1415

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