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Beaver Damage

Posted by animalcontrol on August 6, 2009

F Minus
This comic by F-minus is a great illustration of the anger people feel over beaver damage and the lengths they will go to try to solve the problem.  I don’t know of anyone who has actually chained themselves to a tree, but waiting up all night isn’t unusual.  Actually, it is pretty easy to wait up all night when you are so worried about the beaver damage you will find in the morning that you CAN NOT sleep. 

And, since the “chain yourself to a tree” thing was practically invented by environmentalists, this comic illustrates a very real dilemma faced by many people who encounter beaver problems and beaver damage on their property. Do you save the trees?  Do you save the beavers?  What about when the animals’ activity floods your home?  Washes out bridges?  How far do you go?  

I can’t answer the question for each one of you, but I can tell you this.  I wouldn’t let a human vandal chop down my trees and shred the bushes.  Why would I let an animal vandal do the same thing?  Beaver damage can cost thousands of dollars and damage the habitat of other living things.  Who takes care of the birds that no longer have trees to nest in?  What about the trees themselves?  

It is OK to address beaver damage and work to get rid of the beavers.  You don’t have to let them destroy things, nor do you have to sacrifice yourself in the process.  Hire a professional beaver trapper who will get rid of the beavers on your property and prevent further beaver damage from destroying what you have worked to create, not to mention your peace of mind.

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Man encroaching on nature?

Posted by animalcontrol on February 16, 2009

Thanks to Tundra Comics for this great cartoon!

The comic strip is funny because it is an exaggeration, but it actually makes a good point.  Working in wildlife removal everyday as I do, I often see animals adapting very well to human environments.  Raccoons go into chimneys because in a way chimneys resemble burned out, hollow trees.  Mud swallows build their nests on stucco and siding just as well as they do on cliffs, and skunks are as happy to eat out of garbage cans as they are to hunt and kill their own food.  Happier, maybe, because the food source is reliable!

I love my job as a wildlife removal operator.  I enjoy animals, and I do my best to treat them with respect as God’s creatures.  I also get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people with wildlife animal control problems and restoring each person to the peace and comfort of a home or business unshared with wild animals.

If the dude in the comic strip were real, I like to think that I could resolve his conflict with the beaver dam in the swimming pool.  Call me, swimming pool dude!  1-888-488-1415.

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