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Raccoon Removal Necessary for Maryland Population Explosion

Posted by animalcontrol on April 6, 2009

baby raccoons

Baby raccoons learn from their mothers how to scavenge for food in garbage cans and from pet dishes.

Spring is here!  And spring means baby animals!  All over Maryland baby animals are making their appearance in the world.  Of course, what is all new and fun for the baby animals is usually a lot of work for their mothers, who now have hungry mouths to feed. In their search for food, they use natural sources like fruits or vegetation, but they also become scavengers. 

Some animals, such as raccoons, have adapted very well to human environments.  Many of the calls we receive here at United Wildlife Control are from property owners who have a sudden increase in trashcan raids by animals in the spring, as mother animals feed and teach their babies how to scavenge for food. 

Raccoons thrive in the small wooded areas that are common around Maryland suburbs.  They live in trees but make nightly visits to back yards, garages and alleys for trash, pet foods and other human-provided food sources.  As soon as the babies can move about on their own, the mothers will bring them along, teaching good foraging skills.  Unfortunately, these fast food runs lead to problems. 

For Nationwide Raccoon Removal Services call 1-888-488-1415.

Property owners may try to control raccoons by applying repellents or strapping down can lids.  These methods are generally ineffective.  The repellents simply don’t work very well, and the animals are very clever at removing straps and lids. 

Raccoon babies may be cornered by domestic animals, such as dogs, and killed.  The mothers may become involved in such fights and kill or injure the dogs.  Trash cans are dumped, making a big mess.  Other animals, such as rats, may be attracted to the mess and create a secondary infestation.  Children may find sick or hurt animals and get bitten or become sick themselves.  Raiding animals leave behind feces that contaminate play and recreation areas.  

Even if the animals aren’t living in your attic or on your property, you need to get rid of raccoons that consistently encroach on your property, for your safety, the safety of children and pets and the best interest of the raccoons. 

Wild animal control operators are specialized technicians that perform raccoon removal from private property.  They trap and take them away according to state and local regulations.  The animals are relocated if possible, or euthanized if necessary, particularly if sick or injured or if required by law.  To find a specialist in your area call United Wildlife Control and get the professional help you need to get rid of raccoons on your property.


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SLC Attic Animal Removal: First determine what kind of animal is present.

Posted by animalcontrol on March 3, 2009

A nest of baby raccoons had been living in the attic.

A raccoon family with six babies was removed from her Salt Lake City attic.

Nationwide call:  1-888-488-1415

It is nearly that time of the year again and animals will be out doing their spring thing and looking all over Salt Lake City (and the rest of the country, I suppose) for homes for babies and stuff like that.  Because they might decide that your home is “the place” I thought I would write and tell you my painful lesson about raccoon removal.  

I started hearing running and chewing in my attic and called the Pest Control company that services my yard.  They sent out a guy who looked in the attic and said there were “very large droppings” up there and a hole in the garage wall.  I had squirrels in my yard, which I had been feeding for years, and he decided that must be the problem (but I did wonder about the “very large droppings” part.  Would squirrels make “very large droppings?”) 

But, I followed along, left the hole in the wall open and put out poison.  After a few weeks, there was almost no squirrel activity in the yard, but the noises hadn’t disappeared.  In fact, they were louder-thumping, crying almost like screaming, all kinds of stuff.  So, my friendly squirrels were dead and the problem was worse.

To make a long story short, I did have squirrels in my attic, but I also had a raccoon!  I didn’t need squirrel poison, I needed raccoon removal. I was angry and disappointed in the Pest Control Company so I started searching around for someone who could really help me and found this company, United Wildlife.  They came out and looked in the attic and found the very large droppings, the hole, ruined insulation, two dead squirrels and A NEST OF BABY RACCOONS!  Raccoon removal became an immediate priority. 

It turns out that I needn’t have killed my squirrels at all; I could have vented them out of the attic and sent them back to the trees.  They had only moved in because of the hole the raccoon made.  The trapper from United Wildlife was able to capture the adult animal and gather up the babies and take them away.  He also took care of the nasty job of the droppings and the dead bodies and everything else that was gross up there.

I was so grateful to know things had been taken care of that I sent him home with a plate of cookies. (Isn’t that so Utah?) 

Pest control companies are great for spiders and stuff like that, I guess, but when it comes to animals, professional raccoon removal is the way to go.  If you start hearing strange noises this spring, call United Wildlife before you call anyone else.  You won’t regret it.  1 888-488-1415.

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Los Angeles Raccoon Problem

Posted by animalcontrol on February 27, 2009

With the 8 raccoons trapped and gone, the kids and the dog can enjoy the yard again.

With the 8 raccoons trapped and gone, the kids and the dog can enjoy the yard again.

Nationwide call: 1-888-488-1415

Guest commentary:

I am so sick of people becoming so sentimental about animals that they forget that people and property matter, too.  Have you ever tried to get Los Angeles City to help you with a raccoon problem?  Well, don’t bother.  On their website it states: “It is not the intention of the Department of Animal Services to remove wildlife from residential areas.” Boy do they mean it.  My dog was nearly killed by a gang of raccoons, and they would do nothing.  “We believe that people and wildlife can coexist,” they said.

Well, I am sick of trying to coexist!  My dog nearly died.  My kids can’t play outside.  There are raccoon droppings everywhere and they are full of who-knows-what-all diseases. I decided that it was time to get my life back!

I did my research and asked around and learned that, while the city is useless, there are people who can help.  They are wildlife control technicians.  These guys are licensed and trained in removal of pest animals.  One company really stood out in the crowd:  United Wildlife Control.  I called them and they referred me to a local guy, Travis, who really knew his stuff.  He had traps and he knew how to use them.  In all, over the course of two weeks, he trapped 8 raccoons in my yard.  I am so relieved that they are gone.  Things are quiet at night.  My kids are happy.  My wife is happy.  The dog is REALLY happy.

If you have trouble with raccoons, don’t bother calling the city.  They will give you the same run-around bull they gave me.  Call United Wildlife Control 1-888-488-1415.  They will help.  They will refer you to someone in your area who can solve your wild animal problem.  Get more information on their  professional animal removal services at: http://www.UnitedWildlife.com

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Raccoon Removal: Help is Available in Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted by animalcontrol on February 24, 2009

Turns out she was right about it being raccoons--3 of them.

Turns out she was right about it being raccoons--3 of them.

Nationwide call: 1-888-488-1415

There are times when, working in the wild animal control business, I almost despair. Take this request as an example: 

“I am a disabled woman, caring for my daughter and husband, who has been diagnosed with cancer.  The work of caring for our home, which my husband always handled, has fallen to me.  I started hearing noises in my attic, but am very afraid to even look up there, very closely, so I called an exterminator.  He came out for a so-called FREE INSPECTION, didn’t even look in the attic and asked for $500 to set traps.  He said it is rats, but given what I hear and see in my yard, I think it may be a raccoon.  When I questioned him, he became angry and said that he doesn’t do that kind of animal, he does rats and good luck.  He added that I could just throw out handfuls of poison on both sides of the attic access and hope it works.

Will poison work on raccoons?  What do I do if an animal is poisoned and dies in my attic? I am starting to smell very strong, very bad odors in my kitchen, below a section where I hoped the animal hadn’t accessed. I am desperate.  What do you do about animals in attics.  Do you have raccoon poison?  Do you do raccoon removal?  Please help.  Danielle P. Salt Lake City, UT”

This poor woman.  What a time she has had, but at least she has finally found the right place.  We do raccoon removal and we can help her.  Her concern about poison is justified.  There are no poisons commonly sold that are labeled for coons, and would you want a dead one in your attic?  Raccoon removal is best done by trapping raccoons, plain and simple.  There is no other method so safe for the people or so effective against the animals. 

I own United Wildlife, a wildlife removal company, and regularly work in the Salt Lake City area.  There are a lot of “masked bandits” in Salt Lake, stealing people’s peace of mind.  People need to know there is help available when they have wildlife problems.  If you have a similar problem, feel free to call, whether you are in Salt Lake, or somewhere else.  We can help you get rid of raccoons, or any other pest wild animal. 1 888-488-1415 or check out our website at:


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Dumpster Diving Raccoon Removal near Denver, Colorado

Posted by animalcontrol on February 18, 2009

trap a raccoon

Our wildlife removal operators can trap raccoons whether they live inside or outside. Outside raccoons make a mess of yards and garbage cans, and can upset pets.

Nationwide call: 1-888-488-1415

QUESTION:  A mother raccoon and a baby are showing up in our back yard almost every night.  They tip over the trash and make a big mess.  We have tried a couple of so-called repellents and have tried to tie down the trash can lid, but they are very persistent and seem to be able to undo anything we try. 

We think they might live in the attic of the neighbor’s garage because they always seem to come from that direction and he mentioned noises once.  Can you remove raccoons that aren’t in our house?  Can you trap raccoons?  Will you get rid of them?  How much does it cost to have you guys take care of this? 

 ANSWER: Yes, a wildlife trapper can perform raccoon removal out-of-doors and even when they are not exactly living on your property.  This is actually very good luck for you and you need to get rid of them before they decide to cut their commute and move in. 

We have a nationwide network of wildlife  trappers that we can utilize to find a professional in your area.  Wildlife removal operators trap raccoons and then relocate or humanely euthanize them, depending on local regulations.  Either way, I can assure you that the animals will be gone and you will not have to endure this any longer.

As far as cost, I will be glad to get you an estimate, FREE of charge and over the phone.  E-mail me some pictures that show the mess and the general area and I will get back to you with a bid.  Then we can refer you to an independent wildlife removal operator in your area.  We are United Wildlife Control and we will get it taken care of.  

You might want to talk to your neighbor about this.  If they are living in his garage, the damage is probably extensive and getting worse.  If he takes a look up there he may find that he wants them gone too, and you could split the cost.  Neighbors and even whole neighborhoods often come together to get rid of pest animals so everyone can have their peace back. 

To learn more about our professional animal removal services, visit this site:


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Raccoons in Utah: Invasive, not Native

Posted by animalcontrol on February 17, 2009

Raccoons can be humanely trapped by a professional wildlife removal operator.

Raccoons can be humanely trapped by a professional wildlife removal operator.

Nationwide call: 1-888-488-1415

You might not have guessed it by all the dead raccoons on the shoulder of Legacy Highway, but raccoons were never meant to be in Utah. Yes, that’s right!  All those raccoons that were caught unawares when the new highway opened are members of an invasive species that has only been in Utah a relatively short period of time.  It doesn’t take long for a small, transplant population to become so prevalent and numerous that people think they were always around.  Raccoon removal, usually by trapping raccoons, is necessary and important for the ecological health of Utah.

In recent years, raccoon numbers have steadily increased all across the United States.  The animals have adapted well to suburban and urban living and have reached numbers too large for the environment to support, especially an environment that was never meant to support them at all.

Dangerous encounters between people and raccoons become more and more common, and it is important that people know the truth.  These animals do not belong in Utah.  Their numbers grow because there is a favorable environment, few predators, lots of human-supplied food and few hunters and trappers.

People try to help animals and think they are cute, but one of the most common causes of death in wild raccoons is malnutrition because people feed or accidently provide (garbage cans) them food that is not good for them.  They compete more and more actively with pets, other pest animals and other raccoons for what food there is and fight and die painful, ugly deaths over food and territory.

When the animals are in a place they don’t belong, like your yard, do not feel guilty about hiring a professional to get rid of them.  Trapping raccoons is best for the safety of people and is also better for animals; it improves the chances for native species to survive by reducing overcrowding that leads to malnutrition and disease. 

Next time you suspect a raccoon on your property, call a professional animal removal service.  I recommend United Wildlife Control.  I have seen their work and know that you can trust them to trap and get rid of pest animals, to the benefit of everyone.  If you want more information on wild animal removal and the services offered by United Wildlife, or for a referral to a wildlife control operator in your area, visit this site:



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Raccoon Removal from Los Angeles Ceiling

Posted by animalcontrol on December 19, 2008

“I live in a trailer and have raccoons in my ceiling. I thought they were mice and have put mouse poison in my ceiling. I’m not sure if I have both up there but something has eaten a hole through my ceiling and my son said he saw huge feet and the snout of a coon peering through the hole.”

Here's the snoopy little critter who poked her nose where it didn't belong.

Here's the snoopy little critter who poked her nose where it didn't belong.

Rex W. of Los Angeles, California, described his problem to me this way:




These critters got so cozy in Rex’s home, he and his son felt like they were camping in the woods!  Raccoon removal became an urgent priority after they saw the animals’ feet and snout.


When Lance, an animal control technician whom I referred to Rex, arrived he set up a trap and caught two large rodents in less than 12 hours.  He then discovered something Rex and his son did not know—one of their animals was an expectant mother.  Had Rex waited a few more days, the problem would have been much more complicated.


Lance explained to Rex and his son that these animals, like rats and squirrels, often choose human homes when looking for a place to den up.  Our homes are attractive because they are warm, dry, safe, and food is in close proximity. 


This professional wildlife removal operator was able to clean up the mess, deodorize, sanitize, and repair the holes in the ceiling.  He also located the animals’ access points and sealed them off securely to prevent future squatters.  Fortunately the wiring had not been chewed up yet, so it was a relatively quick job.


Now Rex and his son are happy and comfortable in their home, which they have all to themselves.


It is a good idea to remove raccoons before they have babies, chew through your ceiling, or worse—start a fire.  Call me at 1-888-488-1415 to discuss a solution to your animal control problem. 

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Attic Raccoon Control in Denver

Posted by animalcontrol on December 19, 2008

This guy probably just wanted to come in and warm up.

This guy probably just wanted to come in and warm up.

Here’s a letter I received from a couple in Denver, Colorado: 

Dear United Wildlife, 

We had a raccoon in our attic. We placed a live trap up there for two months and did not catch it. We put a radio in the attic to annoy it. We left the hole opened up hoping it would leave. We covered the hole hoping it would get hungry and get in the live trap. Nothing worked. To make matters worse, our house was for sale and we needed to really get rid of the raccoon fast.

We want you to know that when the technician you referred us to arrived, he answered all our questions about raccoon control.  He explained that this animal may have been caught before in a live trap and released, and was therefore trap shy.  He explained that when such rodents inhabit homes they hear music all the time, and that noise will not get rid of them. 

 He did an evaluation of the problem and determined the best location for a trap which, to our surprise, was not in the attic.  He knew exactly what to do and answered all our questions.

 Of course you know that people do not want to buy houses with animal problems.  Within 2 days of his initial visit, the wildlife control operator had the raccoon removed, the attic cleaned up and disinfected, and the access points sealed off.  We were able to sell our house 2 weeks later.  We want you to know that we appreciate and are very satisfied with the service, professionalism and courtesy we received from your company’s representative.


Luke and Tabitha H.



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Raccoon Control in Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted by animalcontrol on December 19, 2008

e-mail-picture4-paws-claws-hisses-and-hoovesLinda R. of Salt Lake City, Utah, called us with this raccoon control problem:

“I have five raccoons that have returned and are, once again, residing in my attic. This is the third year that these things have come back. I think these five may be the offspring from last year. They rip off the soffit to gain access to the attic. Just repairing it was not enough; we had to reinforce it with wood to keep them out. This year they went to the other side of the house and ripped another section of the soffit. They just keep coming back, it’s very frustrating.”


It is frustrating to have a problem recur over and over, when you work so hard to take care of it.  Linda needed raccoon control, a system that would thwart their simple instincts and biology.  


We explained to Linda that these animals will come back year after year to the place they themselves were born and raised, and raise their own young there.  They know that location is a safe one because they themselves grew up there.  So if getting back to that place is at all feasible, they will do it.  That instinct of re-denning is why it is so important to get them out and keep them out!


Consider one step further.  Say an animal has 3 babies in your attic, for a total of four.  Next year, all 3 grown-up babies and the mother return and each of them has three babies, for a total of fifteen.  Can you figure out what happens the year after that?  I have done raccoon control and seen 30 in one attic, and this is why.


Fortunately for Linda, my technicians and I arrived the next day and within 2 days had all 5 critters trapped.  We removed them from the premises, cleaned up all the mess (they make a ton of crap!) and urine, deodorized, sanitized, and expertly modified the entrance points so the raccoons will never, ever be able to get back in.  We always provide total animal control; that is our commitment to quality service.   

For more information and help with raccoons, visit http://unitedwildlife.com/AnimalsRaccoon.html


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