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Rattlesnake Season in Utah

Posted by animalcontrol on June 10, 2009

Take precautions when in rattlesnakesnake country.

Take precautions when hiking or recreating in rattlesnake country.

There is a real danger of the early summer in Utah, and many parts of the country:  rattlesnake bites.  Rattlesnakes are a common danger in much of Utah and are dangerous for humans and pets alike. 

Protect yourself with safety precautions: 

  1. Don’t handle snakes unless you have formal training and knowledge and are certain a snake is not venomous.  Don’t even handle recently killed venomous snakes as their nervous system remains active and the dead snake can still bite you.
  2. Wear appropriate footwear and leg protection when exploring the great outdoors.  Watch where you step.  If you can’t see where your foot is being placed you shouldn’t place it there.  Snakes love shady, protected locations and hate being disturbed.
  3. Thoroughly investigate (with a stick or something similar) any dark places, caves or crevices before you put your hand into them.  Again, snakes love such places and people are often bitten reaching into hollow logs and similar locations.
  4. Have current First Aid training for on-the-spot treatment and be prepared to seek professional medical assistance as soon as possible should a bite occur.  The old “suck out the venom” technique you hear about in old movies is bad advice.  Current information is available from a number of reputable places such as the Red Cross.

Most rattlesnake bites can be avoided and you can enjoy a beautiful Utah summer in the great outdoors without having it ruined by a trip to the hospital.

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