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Whacking Woodpeckers — Not Your Best Idea

Posted by animalcontrol on August 25, 2009

woodpecker damage

Woodpeckers cause mental distress, physical destruction, and invite mice, insects and other animals into your building.

When people want to get rid of woodpeckers they can become quite desperate and decide to take matters into their own hands—literally. That rat-a-tat-a-rat noise makes people a little crazy. I have had people within Salt Lake City limits remark how hard it is to shoot one of those little buggers on the wing. I have even heard people say how very difficult it is to strangle one because their necks are so strong. This is not good. This is not the way to get rid of woodpeckers.
I understand that these birds make life very difficult. The mental damage is enough, but the physical damage to your home or business building is hard to live with, too. The holes woodpeckers create allow other animals, from mice to honeybees, to move in. So your house becomes a veritable zoo, full of all sorts of critters. The holes allow the extreme Utah weather in and all that effort at insulation and other maintenance goes completely to waste and your utility bills go up along with repair bills that can mount to the thousands or even tens-of-thousands.
But, all this still doesn’t make do-it-yourself lethal woodpecker control a good idea. Killing a woodpecker without a federal kill permit, permission from your state Division of Wildlife and in conformance with your local ordinances will bring down upon you the wrath of all sorts of people along with very hefty fines. If you get rid of woodpeckers the wrong way you can expect to pay at least $500 and spend up to six months in jail. It isn’t worth it. 
So, what can you do? There are non-lethal woodpecker control methods. Often, it is possible to get rid of woodpeckers without killing them. Your odds are better with professional help. If not, hire a person who has been there many times before. Negotiating three levels of regulation, bureaucracy and paperwork is difficult. Woodpecker control professionals can assist you if you must obtain a kill permit. Either way, keep your hands clean—someone else can do the dirty work for you—and keep it legal, too.


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Woodpeckers Drilling Holes Destroy Drywall in Park City Townhome

Posted by animalcontrol on April 7, 2009

woodpecker damage

Woodpecker holes lead to costly repairs. Limit the damage by contacting a pest bird removal professional quickly.

Hi, my name is Jim and I am a handyman by trade-you know, the guy who comes and fixes things.  Sometimes I install new things, like finished basements, but most of my work is repairs.  I repair handrails that have been pulled loose from walls, baseboards chewed by pet rabbits, broken cabinet doors because a kid was swinging on them. One of the strangest calls I ever got, though, was drywall repair because of WOODPECKERS!  Yep, I needed to fix several woodpecker holes inside a house.

Let me tell you the whole story.  The homeowner, Lisa, had a townhome.  She started hearing tapping, drilling and drumming noises on the back of her house.  After a while she noticed a hole in the painted trim and found that the birds had built a nest inside the wall which was now full of baby woodpeckers.  As summer progressed the birds didn’t make quite so much noise so she didn’t worry about it. 

Fall came and the birds left.  Winter passed and spring came again.  The birds were back.  They went to the exact same area and set up housekeeping again.  But this time they didn’t just make a hole.  For reasons known only to the birds, they started tapping away inside the walls.  Maybe they just did it for the sound, but they were attacking the drywall from inside the wall.  Drywall isn’t very strong and didn’t hold up well to the pecking.  Before she knew it there was a small hole through the wall, then another, then several…Time to stop woodpeckers before her guest room looked like Swiss cheese and she had birds in the house. 

She started searching for a solution.  Just killing the birds wasn’t an option.  She is an animal lover and besides they are federally protected.  She looked and looked and finally found this website: www.UnitedWildlife.com.  She contacted them and they sent a wildlife control technician who knew how to get rid of woodpeckers here to Park City.  He installed repellants and deterrents.  Fortunately there were no eggs in the nest yet and the birds were chased away, the nesting materials removed and the hole closed up. That is where I entered the picture.  It was the most interesting drywall repair I have ever completed-all those little holes from the inside of the wall out.

The wall looked great when I was done and she used the occasion as an excuse to re-paint the whole room.  It was a good job for me and one I will always remember. Thank you woodpeckers!

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