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Bat Extermination in Denver, Colorado

Posted by animalcontrol on August 3, 2009


How do you get rid of bats without exterminating them? Through venting and exclusion.

People in the Denver, Colorado area request bat extermination or attempt do-it-yourself bat extermination usually because of an irrational fear—too many horror movies will get people to worrying about bats and what they might do.  

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am not sharing my home with these animals either, but not because I am afraid they will suck my blood or turn into vampires. I don’t want to share my home with bats because I don’t want to live with the smell (old, sweaty gerbils) or guano or bat bugs or histoplasmosis or anything else that comes along with them. 

So, how do you get rid of bats without exterminating them?  There is a great option available:  venting and exclusion.  The animals are trained out of the attic or wherever they are living and then not allowed to return.  The colony will find a new roost, often within 24-hours, and then the clean-up can begin.  Depending on how long the animals have lived in your home or business, it can take a few hours or several days.  Generally, it is best to act as soon as possible when you learn you are sharing your home with any wild animal.

It sounds pretty easy here, but getting rid of bats isn’t easy.  It takes special equipment and knowledge, as well as a healthy respect for the animals and a tolerance for high places.  It might sound easier and cheaper to go for do-it-yourself bat extermination and just spray a bunch of poison into your attic and hope for the best, but that is when the real life horror movie will begin.  Sick and dying animals will invade your home trying to flee.  They become disoriented and confused.  

If you try a different method and the usual exits are blocked while they are inside they will scatter throughout the building trying to find an exit.  If they are blocked out while their young are inside they will show great determination trying to get back to them. 

Either way, if you are successful in your attempt at bat extermination, you will have an attic full of rotting bat corpses. Is that really an improvement over what you had in the first place?  

Avoid all this and don’t try bat extermination.  Hire a wildlife removal professional who will leave the animals alive and free to keeping doing what they do best and you will be left in peace to go watch a movie—maybe you should make it a romantic comedy this time?!

Nationwide Bat Removal: 1-888-488-1415


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Do it Yourself Skunk Control gone wrong near Denver, Colorado

Posted by animalcontrol on June 4, 2009

We remove dead animals from all kinds of locations.

We remove dead animals from all kinds of locations.

Years ago a female skunk made her home under what is now my parents’ home on a ranch in central Colorado.  The home is an old one and the result of numerous additions over nearly 100 years.  There is not much foundation under the house, so in order to access the pipes under the bathroom a tunnel had been dug to provide access through a very small crawl space.  

This mama skunk determined that the tunnel was a great place for a family and eventually had a litter of babies.  Having now six of these creatures living under the house created a smell that would have to be experienced to be believed.  But, what to do about it? 

My grandfather consulted a neighbor, Roy, who had a surefire, guaranteed solution.  He had the foolish idea to run a hose from the exhaust of the pickup into the tunnel under the bathroom.  He thought it would drive them out where they could be shot.  

(NOTE:  This is a BAD idea, very dangerous and could have killed the people in the house. Please never attempt this foolish technique at your home or your neighbor’s home.) 

The old ranch truck was backed up to the house and the hose positioned.  A shooter was ready and waiting.  The animals never appeared. They died under the house.  Live ones are bad but dead skunks are worse.  The smell of dead skunk made the home truly unlivable.  

My grandfather had to crawl to the very back of the crawl space and haul out all the dead skunks.  Every trip out from under the house he would drop a rotten carcass, vomit and crawl back under. The smell was so severe he became sick and remained weak and ill for a long time afterwards.  

After the whole experience was over and people had time to think about it everyone agreed that we were very lucky to have only dead skunks, and not people.  Too bad my grandfather didn’t know about wildlife control contractors.  Actually, they didn’t even exist then.  This was over 40 years ago and people had to fend for themselves.  We are lucky to have professional help available for nuisance animal problems today.

For Skunk Control or Removal of Dead Animals:  1-888-488-1415

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Dumpster Diving Raccoon Removal near Denver, Colorado

Posted by animalcontrol on February 18, 2009

trap a raccoon

Our wildlife removal operators can trap raccoons whether they live inside or outside. Outside raccoons make a mess of yards and garbage cans, and can upset pets.

Nationwide call: 1-888-488-1415

QUESTION:  A mother raccoon and a baby are showing up in our back yard almost every night.  They tip over the trash and make a big mess.  We have tried a couple of so-called repellents and have tried to tie down the trash can lid, but they are very persistent and seem to be able to undo anything we try. 

We think they might live in the attic of the neighbor’s garage because they always seem to come from that direction and he mentioned noises once.  Can you remove raccoons that aren’t in our house?  Can you trap raccoons?  Will you get rid of them?  How much does it cost to have you guys take care of this? 

 ANSWER: Yes, a wildlife trapper can perform raccoon removal out-of-doors and even when they are not exactly living on your property.  This is actually very good luck for you and you need to get rid of them before they decide to cut their commute and move in. 

We have a nationwide network of wildlife  trappers that we can utilize to find a professional in your area.  Wildlife removal operators trap raccoons and then relocate or humanely euthanize them, depending on local regulations.  Either way, I can assure you that the animals will be gone and you will not have to endure this any longer.

As far as cost, I will be glad to get you an estimate, FREE of charge and over the phone.  E-mail me some pictures that show the mess and the general area and I will get back to you with a bid.  Then we can refer you to an independent wildlife removal operator in your area.  We are United Wildlife Control and we will get it taken care of.  

You might want to talk to your neighbor about this.  If they are living in his garage, the damage is probably extensive and getting worse.  If he takes a look up there he may find that he wants them gone too, and you could split the cost.  Neighbors and even whole neighborhoods often come together to get rid of pest animals so everyone can have their peace back. 

To learn more about our professional animal removal services, visit this site:


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Bat Droppings

Posted by animalcontrol on December 19, 2008


This is what bat droppings look like.

This is what bat droppings look like.

Log homes are very popular in the foothills surrounding Denver, Colorado.  Such homes are attractive, cozy and friendly, especially to bats.  I recently referred a professional technician, John, to a bat situation at a log home that was about 10 years old.  For about 3 years the owners had noticed bat droppings in various locations—on the covered porch, near a front window, on the floor inside the home near the back wall.  The droppings looked similar to a mouse poop in size and color, but powdered when touched.  They knew these animals were around because they had seen them flying around near dusk. 


When they called, we advised them to stop handling the bat droppings, known as guano, right away. It is very dangerous, full of bacteria and parasites.  Also, because of its powdery nature, it easily becomes airborne and the people living in the house could contract Histoplasmosis, an extremely serious respiratory illness.


The property owners wisely chose a professional clean-up of their home.  First, John removed the animals without harming them so they can continue to do what they do best:  eat insects.  Next, he performed the necessary repairs and maintenance to the home.  Log homes are especially prone to movement.  Small cracks and gaps, typical of log homes, create perfect access for bats, which can get through amazingly small spaces.  Finally, he cleaned up the mess.  No more smell.  No more powdery poop all over the place.  No more health risks.  The home is again their ideal mountain retreat.


If you suspect that what you are seeing is bat droppings, take precautions.  Proper clean up requires respirators, gloves, hazmat style suits and disposal methods suitable to biohazards.  Be very careful, or, better yet, call us so we can refer you to a professional who can do the job right and make sure it won’t have to be done again any time soon.  A good wildlife control specialist will get the animals out in a safe, ecologically responsibly manner, and make your home secure against unwanted animals.


To learn more about my professional animal removal services, visit this site: http://unitedwildlife.com/AnimalsBats.html


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Attic Raccoon Control in Denver

Posted by animalcontrol on December 19, 2008

This guy probably just wanted to come in and warm up.

This guy probably just wanted to come in and warm up.

Here’s a letter I received from a couple in Denver, Colorado: 

Dear United Wildlife, 

We had a raccoon in our attic. We placed a live trap up there for two months and did not catch it. We put a radio in the attic to annoy it. We left the hole opened up hoping it would leave. We covered the hole hoping it would get hungry and get in the live trap. Nothing worked. To make matters worse, our house was for sale and we needed to really get rid of the raccoon fast.

We want you to know that when the technician you referred us to arrived, he answered all our questions about raccoon control.  He explained that this animal may have been caught before in a live trap and released, and was therefore trap shy.  He explained that when such rodents inhabit homes they hear music all the time, and that noise will not get rid of them. 

 He did an evaluation of the problem and determined the best location for a trap which, to our surprise, was not in the attic.  He knew exactly what to do and answered all our questions.

 Of course you know that people do not want to buy houses with animal problems.  Within 2 days of his initial visit, the wildlife control operator had the raccoon removed, the attic cleaned up and disinfected, and the access points sealed off.  We were able to sell our house 2 weeks later.  We want you to know that we appreciate and are very satisfied with the service, professionalism and courtesy we received from your company’s representative.


Luke and Tabitha H.



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Skunk Problem? 1-888-488-1415

Posted by animalcontrol on December 12, 2008

skunksThis is a message I got on my answering machine yesterday from a women with a skunk problem in Denver, Colorado:

“Hi! I am an animal lover but when it comes to skunks they are not my favorite. For the past few nights I have seen three baby skunks in my yard eating the peanuts I feed my squirrels and the dry cat food and water I leave for the cats next door. I believe they are living under the porch because they go right back under the porch when they are done. They are so small they can’t even get up the stairs. I haven’t seen a mama yet just the babies. I am concerned that soon there will be skunk odors when they are old enough to spray, also I have two small children and I am concerned about letting them play out in the yard. What should I do???”

I am so glad that this kind-hearted person called me about her problem. I understand her love for animals, and also her desire to get rid of the skunks that have taken up residence under her porch.

Actually, this sort of situation is pretty common. Skunks prefer areas that are low to the ground, like underneath porches and inside small sheds. Skunks have even been known to use pet doors to enter homes where they then find a closet and go to sleep!

The biggest concern with skunks is, of course, the skunk smell. Skunks can carry rabies, but it is not common. Usually, their smell is worse than their bite. Unfortunately, the odor can be very, very difficult or impossible to remove from carpets, clothing, pets, clothes, etc.

The rest of this story is that when the technician I referred to her arrived at the woman’s home that evening, neither the babies nor the mother were in sight. He set up his traps in the yard and under the porch, praying all the while that they would choose the yard traps to make the skunk removal easier.  A good pro will not upset the animals if it can be avoided, and dragging the traps back out from under the porch might be enough to trigger a spray.

He didn’t have to wait long before they came parading across the yard, tails in the air. They actually are pretty cute little animals, especially the babies. After a few hours he successfully had FOUR babies, plus Mom, in his truck.

Another skunk control case closed.

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